Aromas and flavors of the earth

At Terra de Priorat we have committed ourselves to our customers in the care of our vineyards to produce wines of the highest level.


More than a small village producer

The Terra del Priorat project is born from a dream that becomes an oasis, a corner of tranquility, leisure and wine tourism for you.

We have committed ourselves to the land, to the vineyard, to our work and to our best dreams of bringing Priorat to all parts of the world.

Pepe Beltrán wants to share with you the years of work and viticultural growth, explore the most arduous and difficult corners to cultivate where the fusion between nature and the hand of man come together to create magical wines that will transport you to another era where time went slower or that for a few brief moments almost seemed to stop.

The Palauet del Priorat

Sleep in Cornudella de Montsant in accommodation with 7 rooms, each with its own charm, bathroom included and designed to offer a unique atmosphere. The Palauet del Priorat awaits you in the heart of Montsant. A charming and familiar house that will make your visit and stay unforgettable…

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